Tivoli Identity Manager 5.1 Course Content

Unit -1: Introduction to IBM Tivoli Identity Manager 5.1 (ITIM)
Unit -2: Compliance and other advantages including ROI on ITIM
Unit -3: ITIM 5.1 system architecture
Unit -4: Pre-requisites, supported hardware and software.
Unit -5: Configure organizational units, locations, and administrative domains
Unit -6: Identities, accounts, users, groups, Policies
Unit -7: Identity feed connectors
Unit -8: Manually request, modify, suspend, restore and delete accounts
Unit -9: Introduction to TDI
Unit -10: Reconciliation between managed resource and ITIM
UUnit -11: Create and configure Provisioning policies
Unit -12: Create static and dynamic roles
Unit -13: Workflow elements and workflows
Unit -14: Create groups, views and Access Control Items (ACIs)
Unit -15: Adoption Policies
Unit -16: Manage account and access request activities
Unit -17: Configure lifecycle management and Recertification Policies
Unit -18: ITIM Administration form
Unit -19: Customize the Administrative and Self Service Consoles
Unit -20: Reports
Unit -21: Describe methods of problem determination
Unit -22: IBM Java-Script and FESI extensions
Unit -23: Troubleshooting: Configuration files and log files
Unit -24: Troubleshooting: DB2, TDS
Unit -25: Life Cycle Management
Unit -26: Auditing and Reporting
Unit -27: Entitlement Workflow
Unit -28: Services and Policies
Unit -29: Problem Determination
Unit -30: Real-Time scenarios and examples