SAP TAO Course Contents

SAP TAO Introduction
  • SAP TAO Basic Concepts
  • Overview of SAP TAO 2.0
  • SAP TAO Architecture overview
  • SAP TAO workflow
  • TAO Connection settings
  • Configuring SAP TAO
  • Generating components in TAO using Inspect and UI scanner
  • Differences between Inspect/UI scanner
  • Importing/ Exporting Business Components
  • Common components In SAP TAO
  • CBASE Libraries
Installation and Configuration in SAP TAO 2.0
  • Prerequisites for Installing SAP TAO
  • SAP TAO Installation
  • SAP TAO Folder Structure
  • SAP TAO License
  • Configuring SAP Quality Center Folder Structure
  • Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Managed System
  • Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Quality Center
  • Creating Application Area in QTP
  • Exporting Local Components to QC
  • Configuration Settings for different Tabs
Explanation of Different Tabs in SAP TAO
  • Process Flow Analyzer (PFA)
  • Inspection
  • Consolidation
  • Import/Export
  • Change Analyzer
  • Repository
  • Connect
Test Scenario’s Demo
  • PFA
  • Inspect
  • UI Scanner
  • Consolidate
  • Build Test Script
  • Consolidated Test Script
  • Execute Test Script
  • Results Analysis
SAP Automation Using with QTP
  • SAP Configuration to work with QTP
  • How to Identify SAP Objects using QTP
  • Using QTP How to navigate the SAP GUI application
  • Using QTP How to navigate the SAP Portal application
  • Different Types of SAP objects
Automation Using BPT
  • Introduction on BPT
  • BPT workflow
  • Creation of Manual Business Components
  • Application Area
  • Creation Of scripted Component (Automated)
  • Creation of Keyword Driven Component (Automated)
  • Creation and Execution of Manual BPT
  • Creation and Execution of Automated BPT using the automated components