SAP HR ABAP Course Content

Introduction to HR Module
  • Introduction to Organizational Structure
  • Differences between ABAP & HR-ABAP
Logical Databases (LDBs)
  • Creating the Logical Databases
  • LDB Events
  • Analyze Standard LDBs
Introduction & Maintain the Master Data
  • Infotypes
    • Definition of Infotype
    • Creating a new Infotype
    • Enhancing the Standard Infotype
Time Constraints
  • Time Constraints
HR Specific Macros
  • HR Specific Macros
  • Reporting
Repeat Structures
  • Repeat Structures
  • HR-Interfaces
Clusters & Payroll reporting
  • Clusters & Payroll reporting
Interfacing Tool Kit
  • Interfacing Tool Kit
  • FAQs
Assistance in Resume Preparation
  • Assistance in Resume Preparation
Workshop on Real Time Concepts
  • Workshop on Real Time Concepts