1.Essbase Overview
  • Multidimensional Analysis
  • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
  • Essbase
  • Production Environment Components
2.Designing Applications and Databases
  • Creating Applications and Databases
  • Creating Outlines
3.Designing Data Descriptor Dimensions
  • Data Descriptor Dimensions Overview
  • Designing Time Dimensions
  • Designing Scenario Dimensions
  • Outline Calculations
  • Designing Accounts Dimensions
  • Testing Outline Calculations
4.Optimizing Data Descriptor Dimensions
  • Creating Member Aliases
  • Dimension Types
  • Creating Period-to-Date Totals
  • Dynamic Calc Members
  • Enhancing Accounts Dimensions
  • Optimizing Data Storage
5.Developing Dimension Designs
  • Business View Dimensions Overview
  • Attributes in Database Design
  • Combining Business Views
  • Developing Label Outlines
6.Creating Basic Dimension Build Rules Files
  • Rules Files Overview
  • Creating Dimension Build Rules Files
  • Configuring Dimension Maintenance Settings
7.Creating Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files
  • Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files Overview
  •  Creating Shared Members
  •  Manipulating Fields
  •  Creating User-Defined Attributes
  •  Creating Attribute Dimensions with Rules Files
8. Loading Data
  • Data Load Overview
  •  Creating Data Load Rules Files
  •  Selecting and Rejecting Records
  •  Capturing New Members
9.Getting Started with Smart View
  •  Navigating Smart View
  •  Connecting to Data Sources
  •  Creating Ad Hoc Grids
  •  Setting the Point of View
  •  Associating Data Sources with Worksheets
  •  Creating Free-Form Grids
10.Creating Reports with Smart View
  • Updating Essbase Data
  •  Integrating Essbase Data with Microsoft Office
  •  Creating Shared Database Perspectives